About Us

Twin Rivers Heating & Air Conditioning is a residential, light commercial heating & cooling contractor serving Guilford and Rockingham Counties. We specialize in customer service and complete customer satisfaction.


What We Do

One of the main differences between Twin Rivers Heating & Air Conditioning and other area HVAC companies is “Focus.” We are focused on 100% customer satisfaction. Ongoing training in each specialized area of our business is key to making sure you are a satisfied customer. Most area HVAC companies do not arrange their company into specialized areas. Not only are specialized areas of expertise key to our organization, but the Twin Rivers Heating & Air Conditioning team also focuses on making sure we match the right person to the right task. Our unprecedented growth is attributable to our philosophy of treating our customer as we want to be treated. It’s such a simple philosophy that so many area HVAC companies overlook or forget. Twin Rivers Heating & Air Conditioning pledges to our customers to never lose this focus.